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NFL Reminds Us All That Our Colts Suck, Flexes Annual Colts V. Patriots Game

This is just a friendly reminder from the NFL and NBC that our Colts suck, and that both have no interest in showcasing the team in prime time for the reminder of this season.

That Colts-Patriots matchup that looked so attractive in the preseason is losing its prime-time slot.

With Indianapolis winless and Peyton Manning-less, the NFL has already decided to move the Dec. 4 game off "Sunday Night Football" under its flexible scheduling policy. The league will decide on a replacement by Nov. 22. The NFL said Tuesday that the game at New England would now be at 1 p.m. on CBS.

The last time the Colts were featured on Sunday Night Football, they embarrassed themselves, their fans, and their legacy by getting humiliated by the Saints 62-7. NBC probably didn't want a repeat of that considering the ratings for that game were putrid by normal NFL prime time standards.

The bright side of this is we won't have to live with the shame of watching the Colts getting their asses handed to them again in prime time this season. New England might try and drop 70 on Indy, and I wouldn't fault them if they did.