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Jim Irsay Sends An Interesting Message To Bill Polian, Via Twitter

Earlier today, I wrote about Jim Irsay's morning tweets about how Colts fans need to 'BUCK UP!' along with his response to Bob Kravitz's article this past Sunday on the 'toxic environment' that is the Colts front office under the direction of G.M. Chris Polian, the son of current Colts vice chairman Bill Polian.

Well, not long after Irsay made those tweets, he posted this rather interesting message on Twitter that, at face value, seems to be a bit of a shot at Bill Polian.

Here was Irsay's first tweet on the Kravitz article:

My friend Bob K,was off base on his article … all that Watergate stuff, unnamed sources, blah, blah … 2 heavy handed, not enough perspective

He then followed that up with this:

But we all have 2 handle criticism in this business, with poise, it comes with the territory … I’m just blessed 2 have another day, 2 go 2 work.

That last tweet seems to be directed at ole Bill, who used his Sunday post-game interview with Bob Lamey to take shots at Bob Kravitz and his sources for the article by angrily calling them 'rats who lie about people.' Polian then went on the radio Monday and, in answering a direct question from a fan who called in and asked about the 'rats' comment, tried to back away from the 'rats' comment by saying he was not referring to Kravitz or his sources.

As PFT notes, it seems that Mr. Irsay is not all too happy with Bill Polian for that 'rats' comment. Makes you wonder if Irsay is still committed to Bill or his son after this season.

As the loses continue to mount, and Bill Polian keeps acting like a jerk in public settings, it's going to be harder and harder for Irsay to remain credible if he's committed to the Polian family running the front office next season and beyond.