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Luke Links: 'Foxborough, Here We Come!' Edition

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"X-Ray Day" came and went... Dan Orlovsky gets a shot at earning his first NFL win... Bill Belichick respects the Colts... and we are still better than the Jaguars on offense...

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)

  • Jim Caldwell visited with newly appointed starting QB Dan Orlovsky via his office and Curtis Painter thinks his role has "changed a little bit". No, Curtis, you just returned home.
  • takes a look at the upcoming match-up versus the Patriots. Translation: Lord help us.


  • 18to88 can accept Andrew Luck succeeding in another town, but not Peyton Manning.
  • Today was "X-Ray Day" in Indy. Is Peyton Manning on his way to retirement, or the practice field? I'm anxiously awaiting information to confirm the latter.

APPLE PIE (SB Nation goodies)

  • This Sunday's "clash" of the Colts-Patriots surprisingly doesn't entail the biggest point spread ever. Who said there's no such thing as moral victories?!
  • SB Nation looks at various head coaches from 2009 and how their careers have developed. Jim Caldwell is categorized under the "Dead Men Walking" label.
With Jack Del Rio on his way to coaching Pop Warner and Larry Coyer now selling couches (if you got this, you're my friend), the AFC South seems like a much better place. Now, if we can just get some great news regarding #18's ole neck, this week will have easily been the best of this season for Colts fans.

Until Sundays arrives, that is.

I kid, I kid. This is still the week that we face the Patriots and WHO HATES THE EFFIN' PATRIOTS MORE THAN US?!