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Another Columnist Thinks The Colts Are Intentionally Tanking The 2011 Season

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I think they're doing it.

Bob Kravitz thinks they're doing it.

Mike Florio thinks they're doing it.

Howard Bryant thinks they're doing it.

And now, you can chalk the Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston up as yet another person who thinks the Colts front office is intentionally tanking the season to move up in the draft order.

The Colts are terrible. They are pathetic and one of the worst teams in NFL history, including some of those from Cincinnati. Upon further review, the league needs to watch film of the Colts to determine if they are playing this poorly just to obtain Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck as the No. 1 overall pick.

Preston also seems to be flinging bird dung at the Colts meme that, despite being 0-13, the team hasn't quit.

The Colts quit because they no longer have any heart.

The Ravens receivers made it look like a seven-on-seven passing drill and they had to be laughing about all those 10- to 12-yard comeback routs. Indianapolis was so bad that even when they went to nickel or dime coverage, they often forgot to cover running back Ray Rice.

How can you not cover the other team's top offensive star?

Folks, it's Week 14 and this team still doesn't have a win. Of course the players have quit. Some of them, at least. That's understandable, to a degree. This is a demoralized, talent-less roster crafted and managed by incompetent personnel executives who have no business working in the jobs they currently hold. The players know this. They aren't dumb. They aren't blind. They know why the team stinks, and that the people truly in charge at West 56th Street are clueless.

Consider this: as frustrated as you and I are with Bill Polian's idiotic ramblings about 'little things' needing to be fixed, imagine how the players feel when they hear it! They have to listen to that guy say such nonsense every. single. day.

After a season of finger-pointing, excuse-making, and general front office incompetence, the players would not be human friggin beings if, at some point, they let up. As we've said from the very beginning, while the players do bare some of the responsibility for this historically terrible season, the people who carry a majority of the 'who f*cked up?' burden are the Polians and their front office.

The more this team loses, and the more allegations surface that Bill and his son Chris are tanking the 2011 season, the more glaringly obvious it should be to owner Jim Irsay that he needs to cut ties with these bozos if he wants to remain credible, as an owner, in the eyes of fans and the media.