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Yep, That's Right Folks... A 2012 NFL Mock Draft!

It's December.

Our team is still winless.

Good god, I need a drink. Or, better still, I NEED THE FIRST MOCK DRAFT OF THE 2012 WACKY SEASON!

Ryan Van Bibber is an editor for Turf Show Times and a writer for He has the first official SB Nation mock draft for 2012 up. Take two fat guesses as to who he has the Colts taking with the first overall pick.

From Ryan at

1. Indianapolis Colts - Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
Everything should be so automatic as this pick. Speculation is flying about the Colts being big enough for Manning and Luck, but the two have been making niceties in the media lately, enough to quell the controversy until April. Indianapolis may be better off trading the pick for a bounty of even more draft picks so that they could have more than just two quarterbacks as their only legitimate stars.

Additional mocking from Ryan involves Robert Griffin III going to the Redskins at No. 6 and Matt Barkley going to the Dolphins at No. 8. The Browns, at No. 7, pass on Barkley to take Notre Dame wideout Michael Floyd.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Is it April yet?