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Luke Links: 'Nothing To See Here, Folks. Move Along.' Edition

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Jeff Saturday is classy, unless you're a mommy lovin' blogger... The Colts have lost 13 games in four years, prior to '11... Is Eli Manning the new golden Manning?... and Andrew Luck is better than RG3, or so I've been told...

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)


  • Joe Lefeged had a nice outing v. the Ravens and T.J. Yates was almost a Colt. Same goes for Andy Dalton. Maybe BP just likes saying "I almost drafted him" about random guys who are doing well.
  • "The Colts are terrible. They are pathetic and one of the worst teams in NFL history, including some of those from Cincinnati." The Baltimore Sun didn't waste any time getting their shots in after Sunday's game.

APPLE PIE (SB Nation goodies)

Any of you watch Boardwalk Empire? If you do, you know that the second season is officially in the books and what an amazing season it was. If you haven't watched the second season, I probably just spoiled it for you. Eh, you'll get over it.

I still can't believe my favorite character is gone though...

Nucky, you're finished!