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Robert Mathis: Everybody's Job Is In Jeopardy, Except 'Goldenchild' Peyton

Of late, Robert Mathis has been chatty on Twitter, which in and of itself is nothing new. He's pretty active and responsive when fans contact him. However, in recent days, he's been very, how shall I say, frank about his future with the Indianapolis Colts.

In a response with a fan who is working to 'Save Peyton' (at the handle @savepeyton) and keep him on the Colts roster next year, Mathis made it clear that everyone on the Colts roster is in danger of losing their job. Everyone.

Well, everyone expect Peyton Manning.

are you kidding me!! LoL...[Peyton] aint going anywhere, he's the goldenchild. the rest of us should watch out though

Mathis is a free agent at the end of the season, and he should get considerable interest from other teams if the Colts choose not to re-sign him. Recently, Bill Polian said on his radio show that Mathis should make the Pro Bowl. That comment, and a few others Polian made, elicited this reaction from No. 98 on Twitter:

i just read these quotes from blog cast and is all i got.

Personally, I think Robert should get some Pro Bowl love. I mean, why not? He's played his guts out this year, and on an 0-13 team, that is not an easy thing to do. I also hope that, wherever he plays next year, he gets paid and has success.

Robert and I have argued in recent years over this and that, but the man plays about as close to 100% on every play as humanly possible. One has to respect that. Plus, he's got babies on the way, and babies gotta eat. Thus, I hope he has success either in Indy or elsewhere.

After the jump, Mathis tweets about Andrew Luck.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report had a back-and-forth chat with Robert last night.

On Andrew Luck:

he is a good college qb that everybody feels is the answer to our problem(s).

On whether or not he will be back with the Colts next year:

i dont know.....Bossman has the answer to that question bro

Robert also had this to say when responding to a fan about NFL defenses:

defenses based on confusion enjoy the most success in todays football namely Bal,NYJ and Pitt

If Robert does leave, that should give you some idea of where he'd probably end up.