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Tony Dungy Would Hire A Gruden... Just Not The One Named Jon

Former Colts head coach Tony Dungy is now working for NBC Sports, and can be seen every Sunday night of the NFL season recapping games with Dan Patrick and Rodney Harrison. He's also still associated with the group All Pro Dad, and he often posts videos on the site with him talking about a variety of football-related topics.

In his most recent video on All Pro Dad's website (tip to ninpojames), Dungy discussed three coaches he would recommend for head coaching vacancies that either have already opened up (such as in Miami, Jacksonville, and KC) or will open up (like, say, in Indianapolis).

At the top of Dungy's list is some dude named 'Gruden.' No, not Jon. It's his little brother, Jay:

Dungy also thinks the man who is currently coaching his son in college should get some head coaching offers in the NFL. Not sure I buy Chip Kelly as an NFL coach. Seen him make way too many mistakes with clock management and overall strategy. You can't 'out speed' teams in the NFL the way Oregon does in Pac-50, or whatever they are called now.