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Polians Or Manning: Take Your Pick

It's possible that, at season's end, owner Jim Irsay might have to pick between Bill Polian or Peyton Manning. Both seem to be at odds with one another, and if Peyton is healthy (and for the purposes of this poll, we shall assume he will be), it might be impossible to keep both after this season.

So, as fans, who would you rather have back next year? Please note that Bill Polian and Chris Polian are one in the same. Jim Irsay cannot fire one and keep the other. Chris goes where Bill goes, Bill goes where Chris goes. And any thoughts of Manning and Chris Polian coexisting aren't on the table either. Manning is reported to be just as pissed at Chris as he is with Bill.

So, in actuality, it's Polians (plural) or Manning... take your pick.