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CONFIRMED: Peyton Manning Practicing, Throwing In Helmet And Pads UPDATE It's Now Confirmed He's Throwing

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More often than not, rumors are nasty. They usually involve nasty stuff happening behind-the-scenes, conducted by nasty people. People freaked out and lost their minds last year when we reported a rumor (which turned out to be EXTREMELY correct) that Peyton Manning had an injured neck-arm, and that the team was concerned.

Today, we pass along a rumor that probably won't be met with the same silly hostility. From Mark Patrick, former on-air radio personality at Indianapolis radio station 1260 AM:

Don't know that it means anything, but P. Manning's helmet & pads are in his locker for Wednesday's practice. Haven't been the past months.

This tweet, coupled with the info 1070 The Fan's Jon Michael (JMV) Vincent tweeted about yesterday, involving rumors that Peyton was throwing to Austin Collie and Dallas Clark in practice, and we have ourselves the first positive signs that maybe, just maybe, Peyton Manning is returning to his old self.

Remember, back in August, Peyton couldn't throw. The triceps muscle in his right arm was too weak due to nerve issues, which were a result of a neck injury. He opted to have spinal fusion surgery in late-August. Two weeks ago he announced that the surgery was deemed a 'success,' and that he can now enter the next phase of his rehab.

Perhaps that phase is throwing balls in practice... in pads... and a helmet.

[UPDATE]: Phil Wilson from the Indianapolis Star has an update today:

For inquiring minds, no helmet or shoulder pads today in the locker of #Colts QB Peyton Manning.

So, we had helmet and pads yesterday, along with rumored throwing. Today, we get bubkis. Boo.

[UPDATE 2]: And now we have a confirmation from the team that, yessiree, Peyton is throwing again:

Colts coach Jim Caldwell said Wednesday that Manning is throwing the ball as part of his rehabilitation from neck surgery Sept. 8. There's no indication that Manning will practice with his teammates before the season ends Jan. 1, much less play in a game, but the news was a positive step in Manning's recovery.