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Peyton Manning Throwing, But Still Not Cleared To Practice

The news earlier today was indeed exciting, but let's temper things with a few dunks into the icy cold ocean known as 'reality.'

Peyton Manning is throwing the football. That's confirmed by the team, and it's on schedule with what Manning said he would do after he was cleared to 'ramp up' his rehab. It also seems likely he is doing this throwing in pads and with a helmet, and that the people he's throwing to are probably named Austin Collie and Dallas Clark.


The reality is Peyton still has not been cleared to fully practice with the team. Is throwing to Clark and Collie considered 'practice?' Yes, in a way. I categorize it more as rehab, and Austin and Dallas are donating their time to assist Peyton in that rehab.

What it is NOT is Peyton back under center, conducting formal practices with the Colts No. 1 offense.

Again, it is very encouraging news to hear Peyton is throwing. He couldn't do that back in August. So, there is indeed improvement, and when you're the fan of a 0-13 team, you'll take any kind of positive news you can get.

The next Manning-related event we all hope to see in the coming weeks is his official return to the practice field, leading the No. 1 offense. That is what Manning has worked for all season. If he can do that, and if people see him zipping the ball around again, it will answer a lot of questions about his health and career going forward.