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Report: Jim Caldwell Will Be Fired... But Only If Colts Go 0-16

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The logic from the decision-makers at West 56th Street in Indianapolis continues to elude me and just about everyone else viewing this train wreck season of the Colts from afar.

According to Jason La Confora of, should the Colts go 0-16 in 2011, head coach Jim Caldwell will be fired. La Confora reported this last night, and he cites 'sources close to the situation.' It's also worth noting that La Confora just recently finished an exclusive one-on-one interview with Colts owner Jim Irsay, which aired last night on NFL Total Access.

Put two and two together, and then take a big, fat guess as to who La Confora's source 'close to the situation' is.

Here are my feelings on this story, and I'm sure you have similar issues: Let's say the Colts win a game, or three. Does Caldwell then get to keep his job? How does 1-15 earn you job security, whereas 0-16 means you're packing up your office supplies?

And, since when did anyone 'close to the situation' think that Jim Caldwell truly coaches this team? The man doesn't even have control over who starts. The Polians control this team. Every aspect of it. A head coach is nothing more than their on-field puppet while they sit up in the sky box seats, patting each other on the back. Where are the Polians and the rest of the front office in this 'you're fired if we go 0-16' mess? Does Irsay honestly think that Jim Caldwell alone is responsible for this season?

If he does, Jim Irsay is a complete idiot.

I mean, seriously. A grown man who has billions of dollars stuffed in his pockets cannot be this blindly ignorant, can he?

Was it Caldwell who drafted busts like Jerry Hughes, Tony Ugoh, Mike Pollak, and Donald Brown? Was it Caldwell who decided that Curtis Painter was a legit quarterback, even though three full preseasons had effectively proven he can't play at this level?

I'll just say this: Regardless of whether the Colts win any games the rest of the year, it will be impossible for Irsay to sell to fans that the Polians and Caldwell deserve to keep their jobs. Hell, people are wondering why firings haven't already taken place like they have on teams in Kansas City and Miami in recent weeks.

The longer Irsay delays the inevitable and the obvious decision he must make (aka, firing the Polians and the coaching staff), the less credible he looks as an owner who truly controls his team. The Colts are a dysfunctional mess, and the reason they are is Bill Polian and his idiot son that everyone refers to as 'toxic.' Caldwell shares some of the responsibility, but the source of the dysfunction and the reason for the losing are the decisions of the people in charge. Those people are named 'Polian.'

If Irsay cannot see that and, more importantly, if he is unwilling to do anything about it, I don't know how anyone can honestly root for this franchise going forward. Seriously, how can you, a fan, willing give money and support to something seemingly run by monkeys? How is Irsay not firing Polian and his son at season's end any different than some of the insane stupidity we've seen in recent years from owners like Jerry Jones or Daniel Snyder?

I also don't see how someone like Peyton Manning would want anything to do with this Irsay-owned backwater circus should he be healthy enough to play in 2012.