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Luke Links: 'Just Lose, Baby?' Edition

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Jim Caldwell's job officially hangs in the balance... Dallas Clark is hurt again... Dwight Freeney is a "triple digit man"... and the Colts could clinch...

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)

  • Jim Caldwell talks about how his players aren't the "throw your helmet, kick your locker" type. Like coach, like player?
  • This article delivers the same garble from Dan Orlovsky and crew, but what I think is truly amazing is the fact that even after 0-13 and counting, the Colts will still play in front of a full house come Sunday. Great fans or clueless morons? Great, great fans.


APPLE PIE (SB Nation goodies)

In other news, it turns out that Chicago WR Sam Hurd was doing his best impression of Tony Montana for years.

Athletes waste golden opportunities all the time, but this guy takes all of that to a completely different level. To use the money that he was blessed to even have access to, thanks to his on-field talents, as a foundation for supposedly his own rendition of Cocaine Cowboys just disgusts me. The level of arrogance from this guy might just rival Mr. Tony Montana.

More importantly, this discovery will ultimately provide a PR nightmare for a business that sits atop the highest corporate mountains. But first, the charges have to stick and Hurd will get his day in court.