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Austin Collie Shatters Your Hopes That Peyton Manning Was Throwing Passes To Him This Week

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Leave it to Colts receiver Austin Collie to throw a cold bucket of moose piss on your hopes that Peyton Manning is getting healthy enough to throw passes again. Via Mike Chappell at the Indianapolis Star:

It also was floated on Twitter that Manning, who's on the mend from Sept. 8 neck surgery, was throwing to Austin Collie and Dallas Clark on Tuesday, the players’ day off.

That was news to Collie.

"No,’’ the Colts’ veteran receiver said. "That didn’t happen.’’

It also was highly unlikely Clark, the veteran tight end, was running routes. He hasn’t practiced all week and isn’t expected to play Sunday when the Colts meet entertain the Tennessee Titans at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Coach Jim Caldwell said it’s "very unlikely’’ Clark will play.

Well, the positive information we can salvage from this is that a) Manning is throwing again, and b) he's doing it in pads and a helmet. Perhaps this 'throwing' he is doing was not to Collie and Clark. Who knows.

Again, the hope is that, in a week or two, we will see Peyton again on the practice field. If we don't, then the rumors and questions about his future will only intensify.