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Grantland: Colts Have Sucked At Drafting Since 2007

Former Football Outsiders and current Grantland writer Bill Barnwell has penned a nice little column telling us Colts fans something we already knew (and some of us refuse to admit): The Colts have been terrible in the draft from 2007 to the present.

Don't believe what you read. The 0-13 season endured by this year's dreadful Indianapolis Colts team didn't start with a 27-point loss to the Texans in Week 1. It didn't start with their 20-point loss to the Rams in the opening week of the NFL preseason in August. It didn't start when Peyton Manning underwent neck fusion surgery, or when he was placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list, or even when he first started feeling neck pain all the way back in February. No; this disastrous waste of the disposable income of the fine people of Indianapolis dates back much further than all that. In fact, it started all the way back in April of 2007, while the Colts were basking in the glow of their first Super Bowl win since 1970.

The article offers a wonderful summary of just how bad things have been for the Colts front office since they won the Super Bowl in 2007 (for the 2006 season). For frequent readers of our little blog, Barnwell's observations about the drafts will not read as anything revealing. Only the staunchest of Polian defenders, or the abjectly insane, continue to trumpet that the Colts drafted well from 2007 to today.

Or, in the case of Nate Dunlevy, who is already attacking Barnwell for his logical and insightful piece, both.

Look, I can understand people having a 'wait and see' approach to the 2011 draft class, especially a player like Anthony Castonzo. That makes sense. But for 2007-2010, the Colts drafts are awful.

No, really. They were.

If you can't face that now, you're not just carrying water for the team, you're parting oceans for them.

You make 'blind homers' look like Skip Bayless with X-Ray vision. If you're like our ole buddy Nate, who is still clinging desperately to this funny little notion that the 2008 draft was the most efficient Colts draft ever (HA!), it's just hard to take you seriously on this subject, especially after Barnwell has now, essentially, validated all the work done by people like Matt Grecco in recent months.

That said, we eagerly await Nate's next article, which we estimate will be a 10,000 word mad ranting attempting to 'convince' Barnwell that his logical opinions on the Colts recent drafts are 'WRONG!' Should be a fun read.

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