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Colts WIN! Get First Victory Of 2011 Over Titans 27-13

Pretty much, this is the season from hell. But, despite all the bad, when wins like this happen, it feels like I gigantic lead weight has been removed from your shoulders.

On a local Indy radio station (1260 AM) on Friday, I said that if the Colts could win one game before the end of the 2011 season, this game against the Titans could be it. Thankfully, it was. When the Colts went up 3-0 in the first quarter, it was the first time they'd led in a game since Oct. 6th against the Chiefs! They lost the lead before halftime, and the booes rained down on the players as they entered the lockerroom.

But, then something happened.

The Colts came out and laid a whoppin' on the Titans! Indy scored 24 points in the second half, including an amazing 80-yard touchdown run by Donald Brown late in the fourth quarter to ice the game. He finished the day with 160 yards rushing. Jacob Lacey, who called ESPN's coverage of Tim Tebow 'gay' earlier today on Twitter, also had a big day. His 32-yard pick-six changed the game in the third quarter. Pat Angerer also had an excellent game with a pick and a forced fumble.

[UPDATE]: Apparently, the Twitter account linked above is not Jacob Lacey's. It might be a relative's, but it isn't Jacob's. That said, we agree that the Tebow coverage earlier today was almost Favreian in its scale of ridiculousness. Maybe, for this guy, that means it was 'gay.' -bbs

Dan Orlovsky finished the day going 11-17 for 82 yards and a touchdown, no picks for the Colts. Fitting that Orlovsky, who quarterbacked the last winless team in the NFL (the '08 Lions), gets redemption by helping the Colts avoid a similar fate. Ernie Sims, who was also on that infamous '08 Lions team, started at linebacker today for the Colts. He finished with a team high 15 tackles.

All this has happened on a day that seems to define the unpredictability of the NFL. That element of chaos is why this league is so great. On a day where the Colts avoid the stigma of an 0-16 season, the Green Bay Packers choked on the road against K.C. Chiefs. Green Bay was undefeated entering that game, but were smothered all day long by the Chiefs defense. The Pack lost 19-14, and the '72 Dolphins, once again, get to pop the champagne cork.

Talk about the game. Talk about the craziness that is the NFL. Talk about how our team isn't the '76 Buccaneers or the '08 Lions. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

Go Colts.