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Peter King: Polians And Irsay 'Want To Keep Jim Caldwell'

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Following last night's Football Night in America show on NBC, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio and S.I.'s Peter King sat down in-studio for a special on-line feature video to discuss possible head coaching vacancies. The very first one the two discussed was Indianapolis and Jim Caldwell. Now, it's worth noting that Peter King has a very chummy relationship with Colts vice chairman Bill Polian. So, when he says something pertaining to the Colts, it is often an informed 'something.'

King: See, I think, Mike, that the Colts [coaching job] would have been open had Jim Caldwell gone 0-16. But, I'll tell you this, and I know this for a fact, Bill Polian, Chris Polian, Jim Irsay want to keep Jim Caldwell. I think winning one game, I think winning two solidifies it. I thinking winning one really helps his cause.

Florio: And i think, most importantly, Peyton Manning wants to keep Jim Caldwell-

King: Yes!

Florio: -which makes it more likely to be a yes.

For those of you out there who very much want Jim Caldwell fired, yesterday's win really should count as a loss. As Stew wrote earlier today, if you want change in Indianapolis, you are now rooting for the team to lose.

Also, if you believe King (and there is little reason to think he doesn't know what he's talking about), if you want Caldwell gone, you also want the Polians gone.

[UPDATE]: Also, per Jake Whitacre's astute observations in the comments, if you want Caldwell gone, you also want Peyton gone as well. Basically, if you want change, it must be full and complete. No half-measures. This is why schmucks like me have been saying that everything must turn over: Coach, front office, and quarterback.

Video after the jump...