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Irsay Tries To Smooth Over Talk Of Polian-Manning Rift

Lots of credible people are saying there's a rift-feud-disagreement-whatever between Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and the team's front office, in particular Bill Polian. Not long ago, Indianapolis sports reporter Jason Spells tweeted the following:

spoke with #colts owner @JimIrsay about perceived rift between Peyton and the teams front office. As expected says there is no rift "contd"

"Cont'd" team is just working to manage Peyton because Manning is a competitor and they don't want him to take the field until he's healed

After Spells posted his tweets, people started asking him if he believed Irsay's statement. Spells responded:

he said what I expected him to say. We all kno the script.

Translation: Irsay is doing his best Leslie Nielsen impersonation from the first Naked Gun movie.

All this chatter should make for a very interesting listening experience tonight when we tune in for the Bill Polian Show. Maybe some fans could, perhaps, call in and ask Bill if there is a rift-feud-disagreement-whatever between him and Peyton.

That is, if you live in the Indianapolis area and can listen to the show on the radio. The Bill Polian Show is blocked on the Internet. It's the only Colts-related content not broadcast on the World Wide Web.