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Stampede Blue And SB Nation Are Now An Android App

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OK, so, back in August, SB Nation released it's iPhone app. This allowed you to view SB Nation blogs and sites (like Stampede Blue) on your iPhone or iPad.

Naturally, after the tech guys rolled that out, the follow-up question was, 'When are you going to make an app for Android?'

The answer is NOW!

The SB Nation Android app is finally here. Get it at the Android Market for FREE.

I just installed it on my Galaxy tablet this morning, and as an avid tablet user, I personally love the app. No joke. No bull. No cheap 'I'm saying this because the sales execs at SB Nation are begging me to say this.' The truth is the app provides a much better viewing and contributing experience than accessing Stampede Blue through the standard 'mobile' page.

To get the app, here's what you need to do:

1. Download the app.

2. Give us a (good) review on the app page.

Give us feedback in the comments. Our product team will be reading these comments.

For me, I now have the SB Nation app on my iPhone and on my Android tablet. I officially have no life.