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Peyton Manning Is At '85-90%' And Improving

Yesterday, we got some positive news from Colts running back Joseph Addai regarding the improving health of quarterback Peyton Manning. From Paul Kuharsky:

"He's not throwing deep-level passes, but the short stuff is really good enough to play," Addai said.

"He's coming along good," Addai said. "He's looking good and he throws a good ball."

Today, we get even better news, this time from Sports Illustrated's Will Carroll. Will is a well-connected expert on player injuries, and he is based in Indianapolis:

Peyton Manning is throwing at 85-90% and showing signs that the rest is conditioning, not nerve. Very positive.

Because of the spinal fusion surgery and the recovery time afterwards, it's been no secret that Peyton has looked out of shape when we've seen glimpses of him on the sidelines of games he's attended. This is understandable. The man was only recently cleared to begin running a month ago.

Aside from conditioning, Will's tweet is the first real news we've gotten that the nerve in Peyton's neck is regenerating. Likely, he can feel his triceps muscle again, and he is able to deliver the football with some zip.

Now, can he still throw the ball deep? Can he still zing it in there between multiple defenders? Is he still 'Peyton Manning?' We don't really know. What we do know is he is closer to the field general we all knew (and that the rest of the NFL feared) than he was in September.