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Week 15 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 18:  Calvin Johnson not a RB or QB might be the most important figure in this championship weekend.   (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 18: Calvin Johnson not a RB or QB might be the most important figure in this championship weekend. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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In the Straight Up contest this week, TeBlows! (tell us how you really feel) led the way with 13 correct. It was a tough week overall with readers only getting 55% of the games correct. EVERYONE missed the Packers first loss of the season with 25% of readers getting the Colts win correct (congrats on keeping the faith!). Only one reader (Statistical Anomaly) got the Redskins win over Giants. Peytonsforehead has opened up a 3 game lead overall with 155 total correct.

Against the Spread saw readers get less than 50% correct for the week. This week we had two winners as Jayhawks and GString got 11 correct each. 96% of readers gots the Saints cover correct making it the easiest to get correct this week. More folk had faith in the Colts with the number than them winning. 50% of readers took the cover with the points. Overall leaderboard shows 15 readers picking at 500 or better on the season with Spread Eagles leading the way with 121 correct. Spread Eagles and The Lawn Wrangler have made it somewhat of a 2 team race by opening up a 4 game lead over 3rd place.

Fantasy news after the jump. Remember you can check out each of the fantasy leagues at where X is a number between 1 and 13.

This week was the semi-final round and we saw some great games. Top scorer this week was Irish Coco from League 6 with 178 points. Drew Brees led all scorers this week with his massive performance against the Vikings. Calvin Johnson and Roddy White both have great days from the receiver position scoring 42 and 35 points respectively.

Going into the finals this week we have a fairly predictable set of finalists. By their seasonal rank we have:

1 seeds - 8

2 seeds - 8

3 seeds - 4

4 seeds - 4

5 seeds - 1 (League 7 - Gnuclear Gnomes)

6 seeds - 1 (League 5 - TebowsMissionaryWork)

A short rundown of how each of the competitors reached the finals:

League 1

4 Seed (V) () _) () (someone should explain that team name to me) v. 3 Seed Manning4Prez

Two 8-6 teams here. (V) () _) ()was actually outscored this season 1656.90 to 1670.80. Lots of interest in the Denver @ Buffalo game here as Manning4Prez features Tim Tebow at QB while (V) () _) () has the Denver Defense. I see (V) () _) () riding Arian Foster to victory in this one.

League 2

1 Seed darkness v. 2 Seed Antarctica MERCS

darkness has been one of the top scorers all season with over 1900 points scored. darkness will try to ride a rebounding Aaron Rodgers and Brees' favorite target Jimmy Graham to the championship. Jets and Ravens D's face off here. I'll talk darkness in this matchup.

League 3

1 Seed Knockonwood v. 2 Seed Norv Turner's Neck

All eyes on the Dolphins @ Patroits in this game. Each team features 2 Patsies not named Brady. Rob Gronkowski and New England D for Knockonwood and Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez for Norv Turner's Neck. I think this one comes down to who Brady finds more often, Gronk or Hernandez. I'll put my money on Gronk and knockonwood.

League 4

4 Seed McAfee Swim Club v. 2 Seed Statistical Anomaly

mgrex's first team into the finals draws a tough matchup. McAfee Swim Club will try to ride Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez (how can a Colts fan have SO MANY Pats on a fantasy team?) while Statistical Anomaly will hope for another good performance from Reggie Wayne and the Steelers D. I'll take McAfree Swim Club.

League 5

1 Seed Brazilian Boys v. 6 Seed Tebow'sMissionaryWork

The Brazilian Boys survived one of the closest games of last week holding off 5 Seed Springbucks by a mere .35 points. The Boys have been riding a hot streak after starting the season 4-4. The Tebows are one of the only teams I have seen starting two TEs with both Hernandez and Tony Gonzalez in the lineup. I think the uncommon alignment will work and a 6 Seed will win the championship.

League 6

4 Seed Irish Coco v. 2 Seed I swam with Pat

Irish Coco rode the higher scorer of the week past the 1 seeded ColtsFanInTexas. All eyes on the Monday night game in this one as Irish Coco features Matt Ryan, Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham and John Kasay who will all play on Monday. I swam with Pat will try to ride Rodgers and the Jets D but I see the fast track inside being enough for Irish Coco to pull the upset.

League 7

5 Seed Gnuclear Gnomes v. 2 Seed The Statutory Apes

The Gnomes took out the top scorer of the year last week when they handed 1916.40 point scorer Maclin on your girl their 2nd loss of the season. The receiver heavy Gnomes (Dez Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, and Demaryius Thomas) seem to match up favorably against the Apes will try to ride the man who might be MVP in Drew Brees. I'll go with the Gnomes.

League 8

1 Seed Wayne's World v. 3 Seed Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch has been riding consensus Rookie of the Year, Cam Newton, through the league so far this year. wayne's World also features two TEs in the lineup (Gronk and Hernandez on the same team. I think this hurts them in this matchup. I see Brady picking one of them, not both so one will score and the other will not. I'll take Sucker Punch for the upset.

League 9

4 Seed IWVA v. 3 Seed Statistical Anomaly

The second of Matt's teams to make the finals he survived a close game with Don diego winning by only 0.40 points. This also features our second Tebow appearance in a championship will try to ride the legs of Tebow, a resurgent Chris Johnson and Ahmad Bradshaw against a Bress, Graham double up and Ray Rice. I like IWVA in this one. Sorry Matt.

League 10

1 Seed Live and Let Addai v. 3 Seed Unstoppable

This is our first matchup between teams that came from the same Division in the regular season. They finished tied at 9-4. Another two TE team in Live and Let Addai as Jermichael Finley and Antonio Gates both start. Unstoppable hopes that Rodgers, Gronk and Donald Brown can lead on to victory. I will go with Brees, Welker, Laurent Robinson and Gates for Live and let Addai.

League 11

1 Seed Albert Bentley v. 2 Seed PeytonsForehead

Albert Bentley was one of my favorite Colts growing up so I am pleased to see his namesake succeed (12-1 record). I see this matchup as one of the best of the week. Again, one team riding Tebow into the finals (PeytonsForehead). This time the matchup is with Brady. I see Brady leading the Bentleys with the help of the Arian nantion, Jimmy graham and the San Fran defense. Albert Bentleys win a close one.

League 12

1 Seed Horseshoe Heroes v. 2 Seed Watch Painter Dry

12-1 versus 11-2 here. another great matchup. Rodgers v. Brady. LeSean McCoy & Ryan Matthews v. Ray Rice and Frank Gore. Jason Witten v. Hernandez. Upstart Ds in Cincinnati v. Houston. Tough one to call for me. When all else is equal, go with the best record. I'll take the Horseshoe Heroes in another close game.

League 13

1 Seed Speed of sound tour v. 2 Seed Blue Bloods

I'll call this Runners v. receivers. Speed features McCoy, Michael Bush and Ryan Matthews while Blue Bloods relies on Brandon Marshall, Mike Wallace and the Gronk. Two good Ds again as Chicago faces off with Baltimore. I don't like the matchup between Chicago and the Green Bay offense. I'll take the Blue Bloods.

As I look through all these championship matchups, a couple players appears to hold more signifigance than all others. One might think it would be Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or Tom Brady as top scorers of the year, but it's actually Calvin Johnson and Wes Welker. These two appear in 6 of the 13 championship games each. Who says fantasy football is RB dominated.

good luck to all!