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Quick Recap: Colts 19 Texans 16 - No Quit In These Guys

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The Colts made some NFL history Thursday night, and it for a nice change, it was very, very good: It was the first time in NFL history a team with 1 or fewer losses beat a team with 10+ wins. The Colts hung around, and hung around, and hung around just long enough for a 12 play, 78 yard drive in 1:37, capped off by a perfectly placed Dan Orlovsky pass to Reggie Wayne, giving the Colts the lead with just 19 seconds left. If that was Wayne's last catch as a Colt inside Lucas Oil Stadium, he certainly went out in style.

It looked like it was going to be a very long night for the Colts early on, as the first play from scrimmage was an Orlovsky fumble, giving the Texans the ball at the Colts 20. Two plays later Arian Foster found the end zone, and it was 7-0 less than a minute into the game. The Colts didn't actually get a first down until their fourth drive, which started at the Houston 27, and ended with an Adam Vinatieri field goal, making the game 7-3.

Foster continued to thrash the Colts defense at will, totaling 159 yards on the ground for the game. However, the Colts defense was FANTASTIC on third downs, with the Texans converting just one, and it was the crazy three bounce off three player catch by Jacoby Jones in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. That's two straight weeks the Colts Defense has played extremely well. Strip-sack by Robert Mathis, consistent pressure on T.J. Yates (four sacks total).

The Colts have still never lost to the Texans at home, even when the two teams are at polar opposite of the spectrums. Doesn't bode well for them if they (Texans) somehow wipe themselves up off the floor and make the Super Bowl.

We'll get into the draft ramifications of tonight later, but for now, let's celebrate a Colts winning streak! The players certainly earned it.