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Luke Links: 'Decision Sunday' Edition

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Pat Angerer is truly a diamond in the rough... Jim Caldwell is here to win ballgames, people... Reggie Wayne = throw left... and the outcome of the Colts season finale will decide a lot...

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)


  • Nate Dunleavy isn't calling for Bill Polian's job, but if he were, here are some points to help make such a case.
  • I mentioned last week that if you think the Colts are still "tanking" it, you're an idiot. Paul Kuharsky doesn't think you're an idiot; just plain nuts.
  • Peter King names Dan Orlovsky as one of his "Offensive Players of the Week".
  • The New York Times believes the Colts latest win was a "catastrophe for Colts fans." Did I really just link the NY Times?

APPLE PIE (SB Nation goodies)

  • If you love NFL Power Rankings, look no further. The Colts have unanimously made it out of the rankings dump.

If you missed the Saints post-game locker room address, check it out here. I think Sean Payton said it best, regarding Brees' new record. Dan Marino was a "bad ass player", but another bad ass player broke his record last night.

Peyton Manning might be one of the classiest players to ever grace the game, but Drew Brees is certainly giving him a run for his money. Yes, the Saints kicked our ass in Super Bowl XLIV, but the record really couldn't belong to a more well-deserving player. You at least have to appreciate and respect the way this guy plays the game.

Congrats, #9. You will be in Canton someday, right alongside the best of 'em.

And sorry, Dolphins fans.