Manning or Luck?

After reading many an article and comment on this site regarding the future of the Colts, I've came up with numerous draft and FA predictions for 2012. Some are utterly ridiculous Madden-esque fantasies, while others are more grounded and based on material I've read here. Theres hundreds of possibilities, yet it only seems to Colts fans at times we have but two...

Does Manning stay, or do we take/keep Luck?

I have forced myself into excitement the second half of the season thinking, regardless which of the many routes we take, this terrible season will have at least one brighter spot going into 2012 then usual. Be it the "obvious" choice of Luck, a playmaker defender, a solid runner, a shutdown O Lineman etc etc, we have a much better POSSIBILTY of having an extra probowl caliber player next year. Exciting right? Usually....I mean...I am.

But this is the year of Luck. The year of Luck and his great big draft shadow, so I just have a simple poll. You may not like the scenarios i have put forth (I agree you more than likely have better ones), but I chose 2 of which I have come up with for the poll. The foundation of the question really is Manning or Luck, just wanted to add in the twist of a possible scenario as the backdrop. I will let you choose the specific details of the dealings, I'll just throw out an "idea", sooooo......

As Colts fans, would you prefer trading the #1 overall to Cleveland (If we get it)


Manning to the Dolphins (If he'll sign and trade) Also: I would like to apoligize ahead of time for any grammatical errors, poor sentence structure, incoherent ramblings or proposed idiotic ideas. I am not a professional writer, memeber of the front office or a systems analyst at NASA. Im simply a sports fan. A sports fan who is gratefull for my teams SB pages, its writers AND commenters. So thank you. Yeah, you...And even you also. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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