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Luke Links: 'Dan The Man?' Edition

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Is Dan Orlovsky still Dan Orlovsky?... Archie Manning is never without an opinion... Peyton Manning has a "dystfunctional mess" awaiting his return... and the Texans are probably going to the playoffs with T.J. Yates...

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)


APPLE PIE (SB Nation goodies)

As for the Heisman, I'm going with RG3. What he's done at Baylor, to bring such a school out of obscurity (yes, I know Luck has done great things for Stanford's program) and into the limelight, while conjuring jaw-dropping stats across the board is enough for me. The guy's athleticism is unreal.

That said, Luck is a very strong candidate in his own regard, especially when considering consistency.

Who's your Heisman favorite?