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Ten Years Later, Jim Mora's PLAYOFFS Rant Is Still Full Of Awesome

Jim Mora Sr. was a great coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

No, seriously. He was.

Prior to Mora, the Colts were an even bigger dysfunctional mess than what they are right now. As awful as the 2011 season has unfolded, prior to Mora, the Colts were actually WORSE! It was a routine sight in the old RCA Dome on Sundays to see players doggit on plays, and for the overall quality of the product on the field to look amateur.

During Mora, the Colts were tough, discipline, and played with heart and passion. Even in his final season, a 6-10 campaign that ended with his firing, Mora was defiant, searching for any way possible to scratch out wins. His epic 'PLAYOFFS!' rant was immediately after the Colts lost 40-21 to the 49ers due, in large part, to Peyton Manning throwing 4 INTs, one for a touchdown. The Colts were 4-6 at that point, and a reporter asked Mora about the Colts chances for making the playoffs.

Mora's response is now coated in YouTube bronze.

For those that don't remember, Jim Mora was fired after the 2001 season because he refused to dismiss his then-defensive coordinator, Vic Fangio, per the orders of team president Bill Polian. In Mora's eyes, it wasn't the coach who was at fault for the Colts defense giving up 30 points per game. It was the front office. Coaches can't take sub-par talent and make it win, and talent on defense was nonexistent in 2001.

Mora refused to dismiss Fangio. Upon that refusal, both men were sent packing. Mora hasn't even spoken to Polian since.

Ironically, Jim Caldwell was in the exact same position this year as Mora was in 2001. Caldwell opted to obey the orders from the Polians, and he fired Larry Coyer last week. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Vic Fangio is currently coordinating the No. 1 defense in all of football, surrendering only 13.4 points per game.