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Jim Irsay: Peyton Manning Unlikely To Play In 2011

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You can file this under 'No Sh*t, Sherlock,' via the Indianapolis Star :

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay suggested today in television interviews what most have considered a foregone conclusion about injured quarterback Peyton Manning: Don't expect him to play this season.

Irsay, appearing at a Downtown Super Bowl-related event, advised Fox-59 that he doesn't "envision Peyton playing this season."

The Colts do not have a timetable for Manning's return, Irsay told WRTV (Channel 6).

"These things take time. The best doctors can't predict. People often think someone knows for sure, and the answer is only time will tell," Irsay told WRTV. "He is doing everything he can to get back and is working as hard as he can."

Since it was just a week ago that Peyton announced his August surgery was a 'success' and that he can begin phase two of his rehab, it's really not that much of a surprise that 2011 will be completely Manningless for the Indianapolis Colts.

Earlier this season, there was a genuine concern that the front office would make the stunningly stupid decision to play Manning in December even if they had no hope of making the playoffs. With Irsay making these comments today, any hope of seeing Peyton in uniform late this month or early next month looks extinguished.

It's possible the Colts might have Manning practice before the season ends, which I still believe is their primary objective more so than winning football games. Irsay needs to know if Peyton is healthy, because the Colts have a big decision upcoming in March 2012 as to whether or not they will keep him on the roster for next year.