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Super Bowl XLV: SB Nation Media Day Coverage

Super Bowl Media Day in Miami, via SB Nation
Super Bowl Media Day in Miami, via SB Nation

My good buddy Joel Thorman is in Dallas covering Super Bowl Media Day for SB Nation. Joel and I did it last year, with me covering the Colts and Joel the Saints. This year, Joel has a little more help (and not some wide-eyed, googly Colts fan running around taking pictures of everything he saw).

You can follow Joel's great coverage at SB Nation Mothership.

I'll be honest and say that part of me was relieved that the Colts did not make Super Bowl 45 because I knew, once again, I'd be asked to go and cover the game. While the whole experience was tremendous, and it provided huge in-roads for Stampede Blue, SB Nation, and (overall) sports bloggers in general, it was a grueling, hard job.

Then again, I leave it to Doug Farrar at Football Outsiders to put things into their proper perspective:

New proposition: Everytime a sportswriter bitches about "having" to cover the Super Bowl, he has to work a real job for one day.

Quite true.