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Super Bowl 2012: Jim Irsay Will Not Act Like A Punk When Discussing Super Bowl XLVI

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Jerry Jones is a clueless buffoon. We all know it. Why sugarcoat?

The recent disasters in his stadium's handling of Super Bowl XLV only continue to underscore the very persistent image that of Jones wearing a Bozo nose.

Thankfully, Jim Irsay is not Jerry Jones. And when it comes to talking about the Colts possibly playing a 'home' Super Bowl in Indianapolis next season, Irsay will not emulate the behavior Jones displayed this past season.

From PFT, via the Indianapolis Star:

And Irsay is avoiding any grand statements about Indianapolis as a host, saying only that he’s excited about the Super Bowl coming to town, but avoiding comparisons with Dallas or any other host city.

"It’s an outstanding opportunity for our city and our state," Irsay said. "It’s something we want to do right and will do right. . . . I’m not starting a mantra that didn’t work out well [for Dallas]."

Irsay’s comments are wise. After Dallas over-promised and under-delivered, Indianapolis just needs to quietly run a competent Super Bowl to look great by comparison.

Hopefully, the Super Bowl in Indianapolis will take place. When it does, the game, and the events leading up to it, will get handled better than the clown show that ran Super Bowl XLV in Dallas-Arlington.