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Report: Colts Assistant Coaches Ron Turner And Frank Reich Swap Duties

WISH-TV in Indianapolis is reporting that quarterbacks coach Frank Reich and receivers coach Ron Turner have, oddly, switched jobs. In 2011, Turner will be the QB coach will Reich coaches the receivers.

This move has many people shaking their heads for several reasons.

  • Reich has been the QB coach for two years. He also had a good career in the NFL as a QB, including playing in the famous Bill v. Oilers comeback game in the playoffs back in 1993.
  • Turner played WR in college. He has never played QB.

Now, it isn't a prerequisite that the QB coach has to have played QB at some time. Current Colts head coach Jim Caldwell was Manning's QB coach for seven years, and Caldwell was a defensive player in college. But, it does seem very odd that a well-known quarterback like Reich is no longer coaching the quarterback while a wide receivers coach, whose background is working with the Don Coryell-Norv Turner style of offense, is now working with Peyton. Ron and Norv are brothers, in case you didn't know.

It's worth noting that Turner was the QB coach and the OC with the Bears from 1993-1996 during his first stint there. So, it's not like turner has never coached a QB before. Still, this move is indeed a head-scratcher.

Was Peyton not satisfied with Frank Reich's coaching? I find it hard to believe this shift would take place if Peyton were happy with Frank. We all know how particular Big P is, and how he HATES change. Or, is it part of some grander change on offense, shifting away from Tom Moore's system to a system Turner used in his stints with the Bears?