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Why The Colts NEED To Sign Dolphins Free Agent Richie Incognito

In my last post on the Dolphins, I digressed from covering the team to address why the Colts NEED to sign OG Richie Incognito from the Dolphins.

The more I researched Incognito, the more perfect of a fit I realized he is.

Like I said in my previous post, I understand he has had a troubled past that includes almost 100,000 dollars in fines for dirty play. In a 2008 game against the Redskins, Incognito was flagged 3 times for personal fouls, one for 'repeated verbal abuse of the referees.' He also headbutted two separate Titans and eventually was cut by the Rams for his conduct detrimental to the team. Such ruffian behavior is unacceptable, yet Incognito drew no such flags this year.

People can change, and if the Colts can mold Incognito, which I think they can, he could be the perfect fit. During his workouts out the 05 Combine, Incognito impressed scouts by being "the strongest and most explosive player in attendance." Explosiveness translates into being able to get off the line and attacker linebackers at the second level - something the Colts have been desperately lacking for years. During his second season with the Rams, Incognito started at three different positions on the line. Think about how many times the Colts have shuffled players around due to poor performance or injury. Such versatility is crucial for the Colts and would take great amount of pressure off the Colts' line while holding Ryan Diem's feet to the fire.

That same year that Incognito was moved around was also the year the offensive line and helped block for an offense which produced a 4,000-yard passer, a 1,500-yard rusher, and two 1,000-yard receivers, meaning not only is he a physical guy who could create holes for Addai but he can also keep Manning clean. When was the last time the Colt's had a guy who was both powerful in the run and the passing game?

Best of all however, is - oddly enough - his attitude.

All of us at some point or another have bemoaned our last of toughness, bemoaned a lack of 'passion.'We have screamed for attitude from Jim Cadwell time and again!!! We are a soft team, and a damn good one at that, but we need an edge, and Incognito for all his faults, can provide that. I don't want the Colt's to play dirty or be seen as thugs. No way. But we need a little more smash-mouth Pittsburgh Steelers about us. Its not a coincidence that 2 of the 7 dirtiest players on Sports Illustrated's list were from Pittsburgh (Hines Ward and James Harrison).

Will Incognito fix that by himself? Of course not. Will he make all the difference? No. But it will help, especially in the running game where we need it most. Its like Bob Sanders. He was an awesome player, but its his attitude that stood out above anything else. His determination and toughness were infectious and you could see it spread to the rest of the defense. When he wasn't out there, we were generally a bit flatter.

On offense, Dominic Rhodes was that spark. Bigblueshoe wrote several articles talking about how Dominic Rhodes provided a spark with his mean streak and toughness. That attitude times 1000 is what Incognito would bring! Its infectious and Incognito's signing would instantly solidify and shore up the guard position.

What the worst that could happen? He isn't too expensive. Last year he signed a one year deal with Miami for just over a million dollars. A lot of teams may be scared away, so there is a decent chance he will be available. Plus, if we sign him, Peyton and Coach Cadwell can make it very clear what is expected of him and that he only has a 1 strike-and-he's out policy.

He's definitely worth the risk.

Here is to hoping Bill Polian steps out of his comfort zone and takes a risk! The offensive line needs to be rebuilt and starting with Richie Incognito would go a long way towards laying the foundations.