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Howard Mudd Joins Eagles As Offensive Line Coach

It's a sad day for Colts fans. ESPN'S Adam Schefter is reporting that long time Colt's offensive line guru has come out of retirement to join the Eagles in the same position he held with the Colts.

After announcing last year that he was calling it quits, Mudd has come out of retirement to continue coaching. While somewhat surprising given how certain of his decision he sounded during an interview he gave before the super bowl, Mudd will immediately help a middling Eagle's offensive line. He tutored several key lineman during his career with the Colts including possible Hall of Famers Tarik Glenn and Jeff Saturday (Saturday far more likely than Glenn).

Up until this past season, Howard Mudd was the only line coach Peyton had ever known. Philadelphia will be his 7th different NFL team and by all likelihood his last. 

While we can certainly wish he had returned to the Colts instead, Mudd left the line and the team in good hands under the tutelage of Pete Metzerlaars. 

Wanting to be remembered for "demanding the right things" Mudd will more likely go down as one of the premiere  offensive line coaches in NFL history. 

His 36 year resume (12 years spent with the Colts) includes 1 superbowl several AFC championships and the mentoring of pro-bowl Colts center Jeff Saturday. He earned even more accolades, including his first super bowl ring, as a player before that. 

A strict disciplinarian and accomplished coach, he will be/ is sorely missed. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors - even if it is with Philadelphia.