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Colts Claim DT DeMario Pressley From Texans

Yeah, you know we're in the offseason when this is a headline story.

Paul Kuharsky recently tweeted the earth-shattering news that the Colts have signed former Texan and Saint defensive tackle DeMario Pressley.

Pressley, a 6-3, 301-pound defensive tackle who was drafted by the New Orleans Saints out of North Carolina State in 2009, has a total of 15 tackles over his two-year pro career.

What does this mean for the Colts?  Probably not much.  You could make the argument that he's insurance in case one or both of Antonio Johnson or Dan Muir depart via free agency (the smart money would be on Muir), but you could also make the argument that the Colts signed OT James Williams (again) this offseason, and that guy has pretty much no chance of making the 2011 squad.

But for now, it's news.  So feel free to discuss.