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2011 NFL Scouting Combine: Mississippi St. OT Derek Sherrod Addresses The Media

Thursday is Offensive Lineman day here at the Combine, and Mississippi St. OT Derek Sherrod just answered questions for 10 minutes. Here's some of what he had to say:

On how he fits in this deep Offensive Tackle class:

I feel like I fit at the top. This is a pretty good Offensive Tackle class, and I came to compete with everyone else here.

On how he would describe himself as a player:

Very physical, competitive, intelligent Offensive Tackle that can come in right away and help out whatever organization I end up with.

On how much intelligence helps in being a good Lineman:

It helps me a lot, because as an Offensive Lineman you have to be in sync with the other 4 Lineman, then you have to go and read your opponent very well on the defensive side and know them. As an Offensive Line, you have to be on the same page and if you know something, then your full o-line must also know it.

On whether being a few inches shorter than some of the other top OT is an advantage:

I feel like it does. Even though I'm not as tall I have a large wingspan. Maybe because I'm a little bit shorter I can get up under the defenders better.

On whether he prefers Right or Left Tackle:

I can play either side of the ball, but I love playing Left Tackle. I'm very NFL ready at Left Tackle.

On how much the labor situation is affecting him:

It's in the back of my mind a little bit, but I don't think about it too much, I'm just concentrating on one thing at a time. Right Now its the combine, then it'll be my pro day, then the draft. I'm very confident it'll get handled.

On whether he's been interviewed by the Colts:

Yes, I've talked with the Colts.

On Gabe Carimi stating that he (Carimi) is the best OT in the draft:

He's a very good O-Tackle, and if that's his opinion, that's his opinion. I feel otherwise, and that's my opinion.

Link to full interview is here: Derek Sherrod Combine Interview Collin and I agree: This guy would be a great fit to protect Peyton Manning's blind side.