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2011 NFL Scouting Combine: Day 2 Mid-Day Update

The players have been around much more in the morning today, and they've consistently had at least 3 guys taking questions at a time.  Some observations from myself and Collin from today:

Wisconsin C/G John Moffitt

He said he prefers playing Center, and has been looked at almost exclusively as an Interior Lineman, even though he played OT at UW.  Somebody asked him about the political situation in Madison, and laughed it off, as he's been in Florida training for the past few weeks.  Likes to have a sense of humor off the field, but is all business on it.  I have the audio, which I'll get to transcribing eventually.  Nice guy, but slim chance he becomes a Colt.

Kentucky WR Randall Cobb

Small dude who said he's going to blow away his expected 40 time, but never said how or where the expectation came from, or what it was.  Good way to make it positive. He's comfortable playing multiple positions, including emergency QB, holder, or kick/punt returner, something we all know the Colts desperately need.  He's an early entry player, and very confident.  I'm guessing he ends up on the Steelers or Patriots.

Miami WR Leonard Hankerson

Honored to be mentioned with the group of former "U" Wide Receivers, like Colts own Reggie Wayne.  He says he models his game like Andre Johnson, and if he lives up to that, he's going to be very good.  Didn't have a preference on which team he ends up on (pretty common response from everyone).  He's tall and solid, and would make a great addition to the Colts.  I'm doubting he'll make it to pick 54, however.

Pittsburgh WR Jonathan Baldwin

Baldwin is a big dude, measuring at 6'4", 229 lbs and a 79" wingspan.  He sees himself like former Pitt WR Larry Fitzgerald, which is unsurprising.  He also said he'll be training with Darrelle Revis, Greg Jennings, Roddy White, Aaron Rodgers post-Combine, which is a pretty good group to train with. Baldwin boasts "great jumping ability and speed", long-strider. Says assumption is that size WRs are tall and stiff, but that's not him.

More later tonight, and continue to follow both myself and Collin on Twitter.