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2011 NFL Scouting Combine: Day 3 Non-Football Observations

I had to sleep on my thoughts last night, as I got caught up watching the Irish win me a 5 team parlay from yesterday. As Collin said in his wrap-up, it was the Cam Newton show pretty much all day. We got a note saying he'd definitely be in, but no sense of time, so the hype surrounding him could be felt starting at 9 am. Some thoughts on Saturday at the Combine:

  • There weren't too many people interested in the proceedings going on down on the field, which we had to watch on TVs, just like everyone else. Maybe it was because nobody cared about OT running the 40, or the drills they were doing, but there wasn't much talk about it.
  • I felt bad for Colin Kaepernick, QB from Nevada. He had a big crowd around him, understandably as a top-tier QB, but only 3 minutes in, they announce Ryan Mallet, QB from Arkansas was available. Thirty seconds later, I was one of maybe 10 people still left in front of Kaepernick, as everyone had to go hear how Mallet would handle the drug questions (it went very bad).
  • There was a guy who writes for the Bengals who sat near us the past two days, who has been fascinating to watch. On Friday, all we saw when we got to the table was a giant (and I mean giant) toughbook laptop. We learned yesterday why he had it: the dude was a serious hunt and pecker, and had probably broken several laptops with the amount of conviction he was typing with. Kevin from Hogs Haven said he was getting a headache because of it.
  • A pretty famous reporter (who we'll leave his name out) lost his iPad towards the end of the day, and after they announced if anyone had seen it, one of the guys near us came back with the best line of the day: "Go check Cam Newton's bag for it." Our entire section of the room laughed. Obviously Newton did not take it, as I had seen this famous reporter using the said iPad after Newton's interview.
  • I was really waiting for entrance music when Newton arrived, the entire media room save 10 or so people were over there for the press conference. I shot a video about 20 minutes before he showed up, with people already sitting in seats waiting for him, as well as video cameras waiting for his arrival. It was crazy, and I'll have it up within the week.
  • They ran out of chips for the third straight day. I seriously don't understand how they couldn't get that right after day 1. They did have more soda today, so I didn't have to pay $4 for a coke, although Collin did.
  • I think Don Banks was annoyed at me talking about college basketball scores throughout the afternoon.
  • Check out JimmyK's story from last night with certain members of the Redskins brass over at Bleeding Green Nation. Pretty good stuff.