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Dallas Clark Is Healing Up For 2011

On an otherwise bleak Winter day (Quick! I chance to quote one of my favorite Shakespeare lines: "Why, what’s the matter, That you have such a February face, So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?"), we get some happy news regarding the injury status of Colts tight end Dallas Clark. From Paul Kuharsky (via 104.5 The Zone in Nashville):

In North Texans, Colts tight end Dallas Clark said he got out of his cast a couple weeks ago and said his wrist is recovering well.

"It’s doing a lot better," he said. "The scar -- I had this hand-modeling career all set up. Look at those knuckles. You would buy a watch from that. The scar looks worse than it is.

"It’s doing better. It’s a long, long process. I was in a cast for three months. Got out of that mid-January, now I’ve been rehabbing ever since. It’s doing great, it’s just taking time to get range of motion, strength and all that back to it."

Three months in a cast is a long time, folks.

When he sustained the injury back in October, Bill Polian termed it a 'rare' injury. Clark had to go to the Cleveland Clinic to get a second opinion on the surgery. But, now he has the cast off and is rehabbing. So, things are looking up.

I have to tell everyone that when the Colts lost Clark for the year, it was then I knew the season was over. Clark himself even said in the Kuharsky piece that 'our goal is to win the whole thing. So it’ll be counted as a disappointing season.' As wonderful as Jacob Tamme played in 2010, the Colts offense simple was not the same without Clark. Having him healthy for 2011 will make a big difference.