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Super Bowl XLV: Who Are You Rooting For

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We have Super Bowl previews up here and at SB Nation Indiana. We even have a few quick Colts-related stories with the Super Bowl, such as former-Colts QB coach Bruce Arians and how he has turned the Steelers offense into something quite similar to the Manning-Moore offense.

I guess the question now is Who ya got?

Matt and I are going Packers, but I'll admit I'm biased. I've always rooted for the Packers; my sort of default team when the Colts are no longer in it. My in-laws are also Packer fans, which makes it easier to root for them. Plus, the Packers represent all that makes the NFL great and unique. A no-where city in one of the coldest places in the country is able to support a winning professional team.

Such a city would not be able to support a MLB or NBA team because, you know, major league baseball and pro basketball suck.

So, I gotta go GB.

Who do you have?