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Jerraud Powers Says Quarterbacks Are Defined By Championships, Peyton Manning Disagrees

Twitter is like a flame thrower. One day, it's helping you bath your followers in warm, toasty goodness. The next, it's exploding in your face, covering you in flesh-melting FIRE!

Example of second option: Jerraud Powers on Twitter last night.

Here's what Jerraud Tweeted immediately after the Super Bowl ended:

QBs are measured by rings won...I think u all agree with any QB agrees with that..except Dan Marino

Well Jerraud, I know one quarterback that disagrees with that rather silly statement: Peyton Manning.

Peyton has been on record many times, especially recently with ESPN's Year Of The Quarterback specials, saying that rings do not define a great quarterback. Teams wins championships, not quarterbacks. When Peyton's opinion on this subject was brought to Jerraud's attention, Jerraud seemed to take issue with it.

Then, Jerraud tried to clarify his statement.

People I didn't mean with how many rings won but "a ring" period...[Roethlisberger] has 2 no matter how u look at it..accusations and all...

And yes, Peyton is the best to do it compared to any opinion

Now, we don't think Jerraud intentionally meant to take a shot at ole Peyton. But, his initial statement was pretty silly, especially when you consider Peyton's recent comments on that subject specific to Dan Marino. It's also just simple ignorance to suggest that Marino is an 'inferior' quarterback to someone like Ben Roethlisberger or Trent Dilfer simple because they have rings and Marino doesn't.

Another great quarterback with no rings: Archie Manning.

In fairness to Jerraud, he was making that 'QBs are measured by rings won' statement in defense of Roethlisberger, who people on Twitter were saying is 'over-rated.' The sin Jerraud is guilty of is falling back on the same, tired, useless cliche that quarterbacks win Super Bowls, and are thus judged by them. If he wanted to truly defend Roethlisberger, all he had to do was point to the man's stats (which have been impressive the last three years), and that would have been enough.

Despite this rather humorous slip up, Jerraud Powers is still quite awesome, and his Twitter account is a must read. The great thing about Twitter is that players seem more accessible and more open with their opinions when they Tweet them. Most of the time, their opinions aren't all that intelligent, and that's OK.

Neither are mine.

The point here is players, just like fans and media people alike, can sometimes make ignorant, unsupported statements on Twitter and still be cool people to follow and listen to. Not everyone is 'right' 100% of the time.