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Colts Owner Jim Irsay Promises 'Significant' Announcements Soon Regarding Colts Roster

A tweet today from Colts owner Jim Irsay:

With most coaching staffs in place in NFL,teams will be working on their rosters over next 3 weeks/Colts will have"significant"announcements


Just FYI: March 4th, the day the current CBA ends, is a little more than three weeks from now. The NFL has told teams they can use the Franchise Tag on free agents February 10th. However, the NFLPA has suggested the Franchise Tag is bubkis because there's no CBA for 2011.

Is one of these 'announcements' news that the Colts have re-signed Peyton Manning, thus negating the need to 'tag' him? Is wide receiver Reggie Wayne getting a new deal? Robert Mathis? Will the oft-injured Bob Sanders re-work his utterly ridiculous contract? Will Bob get cut?

OMG! So many options...

DAMN YOU, IRSAY! Leaving us hanging like this.