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Titans Name Mike Munchak Their New Head Coach

The Tennessee Titans decided to be very, VERY cheap today and announced that their longtime offensive line coach Mike Munchak is now their head coach.

This means that even with candidates like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden sitting out there, the best head coach option for this club was... Mike Munchak?

As I've said before, I think Munchak is an outstanding line coach. Then again, so is Howard Mudd. Would you want him as your team's head coach?

As much as the Munchak hiring reeks of owner Bud Adams making coaching decisions based on his wallet and not on what is best to win actual football games, at least the hiring offers some sort of potential for good things going forward. There is an unknown quality to Munchak that, at least, leaves open the possibility of him maybe becoming a good coach. I mean, prior to 1997, who the hell had ever heard of Jeff Fisher?

If you're a Titans fan, be thankful Bud didn't follow Peter King's advice:

If you're the Titans, you couldn't wait a couple days to talk to Dom Capers?

Suddenly, overnight, because the Green Bay Packers won a Super Bowl, Dom Capers (defensive coordinator for the Packers) is now a good head coach? As Matt Grecco texted me earlier today, why not also interview Romeo Crennel? Or Mike Martz?

Dom Capers' coaching record is 48-80. He's been fired from two previous NFL coaching stints. He kind of sucks as an NFL head coach, Peter.