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2011 NFL Lockout: Pat McAfee Is '100%' Certain A Lockout Is Coming

When Pat McAfee isn't using Twitter to bemoan the tardiness of the Dominos pizza delivery man or talking up the benefits of the 'Shake Weight,' he's answering questions from his 12K Twitter followers about kicking, life in the NFL, and other things.

Yesterday, a fan asked what the chances are of a lockout next season. McAfee did not sugarcoat his answer:

No games will be missed, but offseason 100%

This mentality is shared by most of the NFL players, and many former players feel that a lockout is a certainty. Another interesting tweet from McAfee:

The NFL makes 1 billion dollars in revenue by September each year? Damn

And yet, it's the owners who are crying poverty without allowing the public to view their books. The only team required to show their books is the World Champion Green Bay Packers, who are publicly owned.