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John Oehser Is The New Writer At

Part of me is very happy.

My good friend, John Oehser, now has a steady job with an organization that is known for reaching out to fans. That's a job he's wanted for a while now because, as we all know, John is wonderful when chatting things up with fans.

The other part of me is sad because we're losing a great Colts writer to the enemy.

Big Cat Country brings us the news that John will take the job vacated by Vic Ketchman as head writer at We all know John from his years working at, along with his work at Indy Football Report,, and Fanhouse. I don't know the future of Indy Football Report, but what I do now is the Jaguars are getting one helluva site writer and editor.

Please join me in wishing John the best of luck at his new gig. Of course, we all hope he spends a lot of time writing about how the Jaguars keep losing to the Colts.

I really hope Jags fans appreciate the quality writer they are getting. It goes without saying that the Colts made a dumb move in laying off John. simply isn't that good, or worth visiting at all, unless John is writing for them.