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2010 Indianapolis Colts Academy Awards

I don't know if you watch the Academy Awards or not.  I have been a fan for as long as I can remember.  I have seen about 80% of the Best Picture Winners throughout the years.  I thought this might be a good way to look back at the Colts' season with a new set of glasses.

After the jump I will give out the awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Screenplay, Best Script, Best Animated Short, Best Direction and Best Producer.  Here's what I took each category to mean so you can start thinking.

Best Picture:

This goes to the best game of the season.  I do NOT view this as the best Colts performance.  I'm thinking the one football fans outside of our circle would have stopped what they were doing to watch.  I'm looking for drama and theater.

Best Actor:

This award goes to the best individual performance by a Colts player this season.  A pre-requisite for this award was to win the Sprint Game Ball for the week in question. 

Best Supporting Actor:

This goes to the player with the best Special Teams performance in one game this season.  This would not need to be a Game ball winner, but should be a performance that was from an "unsung Colt."

Best Original Screenplay:

This award would go to a game where the Colts looked MOST like the Colts.  I call this the Do What We Do Award.  Which game did the Colts look like the team they SHOULD have been this year.

Best Script:

For this award, we will look for the best gameplan that the Colts created Offensively or Defensively this season.  I am not looking for best adjustment, but gameplan going into the game.

Best Animated Short:

This goes to the best antics of the season.  This could be a sideline rant, a TD Celebration or a sack dance.

Best Direction:

We ALL know that Peyton Manning is the Director of our offense.  This award is given to his best performance for the year.  It could be statistical or comeback or just outright dominance.

Best Producer:

The Producer for the Colts is Bill Polian so I opted for another route for this award.  This will go to the best draft pick or UDFA from the past off-season.  The person that was not expected to produce and did better than all others.

And the Oscar goes to...

I'm gonna go in an order similar to the real show.

Best Script: Offense Week 2 v. Giants

This game was a combination of bad defensive plan by the Giants and good Offensive plan from the Colts.  The 4-DE front "dared" the Colts to run and boy did they.  With 10 rushing first downs and 43 total carries, you could have been watching anyone but the Colts for numbers like that.  Jospeh Addai and Donald Brown both averaged over 4 yards per carry.  By far pour best running game of the season.

Best Original Screenplay: Week 8 v. Houston

After the unspeakably AWFUL performance the Colts put up in week 1 @ Houston, this game was destined to be a bounce back.  We were coming off our Bye week and wanted to show we were still the cream of the AFC South Crop.  We jumped out to lead and the defense was able to step up and make plays because of it.  The rushing attack that Houston used to decimate us in the first meeting became a non-factor.  A real COLTS win.

Best Supporting Actor: Taj Smith Week 13 v. Dallas

In a game where Reggie Wayne caught 14 for 200 yards and a TD, the game ball went to Taj Smith.  While I said this award didn't HAVE to go to a Game Ball winner, how often do Colt Special Teamers win game balls?  After being cut before the start of the season, Taj hopped back on the active roster in week 13 and had immediate impact.  I have been a Colts fan my whole life and cannot EVER remember a blocked punt returned for TD.  BEAUTIFUL!

Best Direction: Week 1 @ Houston

This was a TERRIBLE week for the Colts.  Peyton Manning was under duress ALL DAY and STILL managed to put up GAWDY numbers.  He threw for 433 yards, completing 40 of 57 attempts with 3 TDs and 0 INTs.  QB Rating of 109.8 (tied for best on the season).  While the defense was getting their asses handed to them, Peyton showed up to play.  He tried to will his team to victory and put up one of the gutsiest performances I've ever seen from the man.

Best Producer: Pat Angerer

There were SO many candidates for this award, I'm SURE I will catch grief for this one.  Javarris James scored 6TDs on 46 total carries!  Blair White came off the practice squad and caught 5 TDs and got a Game Ball for the NE game!  Kavell Conner was a lower round pick and is going to fight for a starting job.  Pat just won for me.  He was second on the team in tackles with 88.  He played multiple LB spots and was able to step and wear that little green dot (defensive signal caller) when we needed him to.  You can't ask much more of a Rookie.  I look forward to seeing him in blue for a LONG time.

Best Animated Short: Jim Caldwell

He actually smiled once this year.  That's got to be the biggest sideline show of emotion ever.  While this award is LOADED with sarcasm, I do think that Jim's levelheadedness is good for the team.  His coaching may leave a bit too much time on the clock and he may not have made the best choices with his staff, but I'm glad we don't have a Big Mouth like Rex Ryan leading our team.  Next year is make or break for Jimmy though.  You can't waste any years when you have the GOAT!

Best Actor: Austin Collie

We all know Peyton is the best player on our team, I have to give this award to Collie for a couple of reasons.  His week 3 game at Denver was something special.  12 catches for 171 yards and 2 TDs may have been the best stat line of the season.  Second, the way he fought and fought this whole year is something to be proud of.  the man has NO quit in him.  To take the shots he did and keep fighting is totally unbelievable to me.  AND, after the shots he took, he came back to win another game ball with a 2 TD performance in week 15.  I pray for his health and hope that he will put that in front of football, but wow what a COLT!

Best Picture: Week 11 @ New England

How can you pick a game we LOST for Best Picture?  I know, it was tough.  there were games I would have LOVED to put in it's place, but Colts-Pats is on another plane.  The Colts fell behind early and had to claw their way back.  The game looked over early in the fourth.  Peyton was down 17 and didn't have MANY of his trusted weapons (Addai, Clark).  He found Blair White to make it close and had a chance at the end.  Another GREAT chapter in the rivalry that dwarfs all others in the NFL.  Although it was a loss for the Colts, it was a win for football fans everywhere. 

There's my awards.  I know were over time (as all Oscars are) but I hope you enjoyed it!  What did I screw up?  Who did I miss?  Let me know!