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NFL Lockout: Colts Players Tweet Their Reactions

Several Colts players used Twiter to express their initial thoughts on the NFLPA decertifying, prompting the likely lockout of the players and the NFL's first work stoppage since 1987.

Jerraud Powers

Kinda upset by this decertification...just wanna play!

Somehow this stuff just motivated me to work harder!!

Pat McAfee

Jeff Saturday representin

Robert Mathis

Players vs Owners...Owners vs Players or whatever but INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA does not,can not,should not and WILL not lose its SuperBowl Bid!

Pierre Garcon

Pray for the people in Japan

I think Garcon's tweet is the best.

That things would get to this point, that people like Jerry Richardson, Jerry Jones, and the other fat cats who run this league would be so stupid as to allow this to occur at a time when the league is generating $9 billion dollar yearly revenues is absurd.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees, a player who, like Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday, has take on a leadership role with the players, tweeted this:

We have a responsibility and at some point you just have to stand up for what is right

For the most part, this blog and its writers side with the players in this labor fight. For the owners to essentially say the union did not negotiate in good faith days after a federal judge ruled that the owners themselves had tried to cheat the players and fans is ridiculous.

This is a mess of the owners' doing, and we fans are the ones who will suffer, as will the league will a used to love.