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Know Your Colts History: Players Moving On

Know Your Colts History
Know Your Colts History

I don't know about you, but I need a break from lockout and labor.

With the news that Bob Sanders is going to sign a one -year deal with the San Diego Chargers, it got me thinking about the Colts who have moved on to other teams and have, or have not found success.

The list of players who have left is long and distinguished (I won't finish the joke) and some have been let go at the right time while other ties may have been cut too early.  We know that it is impossible for a team to keep all the players to which we, as fans, become attached.  I know I have my favorite Colts that have moved on.

Brandon Stokley created my one of my favorite Colts memories.  The Call that Bob Lamey made as Stokley hauled in the 49th TD pass during the 2004 season is something that still rings in my brain from time to time.  Great video of all 49 TDs from that year.

Also on that list for me is Hunter "The Punter" Smith.  He was one of my Favorite Colts just because I got to meet him a couple of times and heard his band (Connersvine) play a bunch of times.  Plus, how can you NOT love a punter that runs down the "Uncatchable" Dieon Sanders!

Both of those players have moved on to other teams, but had a limited amount of success (granted Hunter did throw a TD 2 years ago).  We are sad to see them go, but kinda feel okay because they didn't come back to kill us. Others players on this list for me include Tony Siragusa, Marshall Faulk, Darrell Reid, Marcus Pollard and Ken Dilger. All of them were missed, but either didn't produce much after their trade or didn't take it out on the Colts as much as some other guys.

There is an ever growing list of former Colts that have come back to haunt their team.  While recent cast offs Ryan Lilja and Raheem Brock haven't had as many chances against their former teammates, their level of production this past season would have been welcomed on our roster.  Lilja could have saved us from the Linken-de-bach-el and Brock posted his highest sack total ever in his first year as a starter (he would not have produced like that as a situational rusher for us).

On to the guys who seem to take it personally when they take the field against the Horseshoe.  I have three that come to mind immediately. I'll call it my most feared former Colts.

3) Jake Scott

How can you look at an OG and say he eats the Colts alive?  Especially when we seem to handle Tennessee every year.  It's just something in how Jake plays against us.  The mean streak seems to come out and he has his best games of the season.  No one keeps line stats for individuals.  Everything is team oriented.  There is no real way to quantify his performance, but I always dread what he can do to our DTs.

2) David Thornton

Another Colt castoff that landed in Tennessee and hit the ground running.  His first three years in Tennessee he was third, first and fourth on the team in tackles.  In 5 games against Indy over three years he had 56 tackles including 3 games with over 10, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovered and a safety.  He killed our Colts and made me sad to not have him

1) Mike Peterson

I am thankful that this man now plays in the NFC.  Having played 13 years now, I know he's not the player he was, but did he kill us.  After 3 highly productive years in the top 3 in tackles for the Colts, the front office let him leave via free agency.  He found a home in Jacksonville and is, I think still, one of the reasons they play us so tough.  Mike showed them how to play the Colts.  While he never "lit up" the Colts statistically, his understanding of our offense help them be in the right place at the right time.  He just always seemed to be where we didn't want him to be. 

There's my list folks.  Now it's your turn.  What Colts are you sad the team didn't keep?  Who comes back and kills us every time we play?  Will any of our more recent releases crack this list?