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Dallas Clark Still Rehabilitating Wrist, Expects To Be Ready For 2011 NFL Training Camp

We already received news today that Dallas Clark would make a cameo appearance on CBS' Criminal Minds, but even better news for Colts fans is that Clark's rehabilitation from wrist surgery is going well and currently on track to allow Clark full participation in the Colts' 2011 training camp.

If there is a training camp.

ESPN's Paul Kuharsky, who might have filled his Clark story quota in one day, reports that Clark is currently performing recovery work with St. Vincent's Sports Medicine and Performance center, attempting to regain full strength after surgery was necessitated following an awkward tackle and landing in a game against the Redskins on Oct. 17, 2010.

Quote Kuharsky:

He got out of his cast in January and is working on range of motion, strength and more, he said. He didn't want to put a percentage or timetable on things, but said it won't be a matter of months before he can catch a pass. Without a setback, he expects to be ready for the start of a typical training camp.

That Clark suffered the injury in October and will not be ready, even in an optimistic sense, until August tells you how serious the ligament damage really was.  

Interestingly enough, Clark also commented on offseason workout programs and addressed speculation that Peyton Manning would ensure his teammates were organized and focused on the 2011 season even if a collective bargaining agreement isn't in place as offseason workouts begin.

As for the wide-spread presumption that the Colts will be in favorable shape in an extended lockout because Peyton Manning would organize offseason work akin to OTAs the team would run, Clark said there are no set plans.

"We've got a couple months before we've even got to worry about that," he said. "... We haven't had the conversation, but I would assume. We've got to get our work in, so definitely something will probably be done. We'll cross that bridge when it comes. But at the end of the day we're going to get our work done, we're going to stay on schedule.

"How, where, when, all that, that'll be determined. But we're going to treat this just like our regular offseason."

 I'll just reiterate what a lot of analysts have already said: the Colts are one of the few teams in the league that -- while I wouldn't necessarily say would benefit from a prolonged stalemate -- would at least not suffer many if any setbacks due to a lack of CBA.  They have the leadership in place to keep players focused and ready and will not see much roster turnover in 2011.

It's good to see the Colts staying focused in spite of the current negotiation mess, and its great to hear that Clark is progressing well and should be able to rejoin the team for their 2011 campaign.