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2011 NFL Draft: Colts Workout NC Central's Eric Stanley and Teryl White

Every mock draft we've seen, literally every. single. one. has the Colts taking an offensive or defensive lineman in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. But, if we know history, and the stubbornness of Bill Polian, there's absolutely no chance Indy takes a tackle in the first round this year.

Again, none. Zero. Won't happen. Don't expect it or bank on it, no matter how obviously the Colts are rotting at the o-line and d-line areas.

That said, in order to improve the truly dreadful offensive and defensive lines from 2010, the Colts have to look in places that, they hope, other teams aren't sniffing around. Like, for example, players from North Carolina Central.

North Carolina Central OT Eric Stanley and DT Teryl White will have private workouts March 21 with the Indianapolis Colts, according to sources, reports Bo Marchionte, of NFL Draft Bible.

An interesting pair, and not surprising that both are tackles. After the jump, we provide some info on both Stanel and White.

Tip to GoHorse88

White is 6'4, 303 pounds, which is the size and height the Colts often look for with DTs in their Tampa-2 scheme. If you watch videos like this, he comes off as a pretty intelligent kid, looking to, one day, possibly pursue a career in marketing. White was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. So, it's likely the Colts saw him at the HBCU Bowl in Atlanta back in December of last year.

Stanley is a 6'5, 347 pound offensive tackle. He also played (and started at) right guard earlier in his college career, which shows some versatility key to the Colts taking interest in him. Apparently, Stanely is a fan of Jeff Saturday.