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With The 10th Pick In The 2011 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, The Washington Redskins Select...


Julio Jones - WR, Alabama

Pick made by TouchdownColts:

Well, first off I was hoping Blaine Gabbert would slip to pick 10, as the Redskins could really use an upgrade at quarterback, because of all the uncertainty with D. McNabb. Once Gabbert was gone I decided maybe defensive line perhaps Robert Quinn could be the disruptive line force that the Redskins have been missing, but once again nope. So, I will go with the next best thing the Redskins could hope for and that is Julio Jones, WR, Alabama.

The reason I chose Jones is because he is a physical reciever to the likes that Washington hasn't seen in many many moons. At 6'4" and 215lbs he will be taller and bigger than most cornerbacks he would be faced up against. He is a strong dude with great hands, kind of in the mold of a Terrell Owens without the some of the issues. A good deep to intermediate route runner with good speed. In a year were the best help would come along the DL it just seems like a reach for anyone else here. As available quarterbacks go I think both J. Locker and C. Newton are reaches at #10 and Newton seems to me to be similar to Jason Campbell and that didn't work out so well. Go with the second best wideout this year and wait for Julio to tear it up. Or otherwise wish Julio drops to #22!

If Jones is taken 10th overall, it'll be the first time since 2001 that the Redskins have taken an WR in the first round (Rod Gardner - 15th).  Also, it'll be the first Alabama WR taken in the first round since 1968, when Dennis Homan was taken 20th overall by the Cowboys.

Julio Jones Scouting Report from Mocking the Draft

The Texans, and SupermanWearsBobSander'sPJs, are on the clock...

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 Carolina Nick Fairley DT Auburn palco
2 Denver Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson chad72
3 Buffalo Marcell Dareus DT/DE Alabama Buffalo_Bill_Cody
4 Cincinnati A.J. Green WR Georgia beerbrunch
5 Arizona Patrick Peterson CB LSU JesusNinja13
6 Cleveland Robert Quinn DE North Carolina nickfromnaptown
7 San Francisco Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska nopuntintended
8 Tennessee Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri Aerostar193
9 Dallas Nate Solder OT Colorado Addai Another Aday
10 Washington Julio Jones WR Alabama TouchdownColts
11 Houston SupermanWearsBobSander'sPJs
12 Minnesota Mr. Indianapolis Colts
13 Detroit Bradman721
14 St. Louis VolsnCards5
15 Miami metallicolts
16 Jacksonville Collin McCollough
17 New England mgrex03
18 San Diego ColtsFanFromHawaii
19 N.Y. Giants erockrap
20 Tampa Bay Sir Sci
21 Kansas City FreeneyAteYourLunch
22 Indianapolis BlueVol03
23 Philadelphia AnotherWriter
24 New Orleans ushoe
25 Seattle Vikings55Thunder
26 Baltimore JaredCounterman
27 Atlanta fiftycal2004
28 New England mgrex03
29 Chicago DClark#44
30 N.Y. Jets Eltoasto
31 Pittsburgh
32 Green Bay sanders_fan89