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Colts Tender Joseph Addai, Melvin Bullitt

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According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, Joseph Addai and Melvin Bullitt have been offered restricted free agent tenders by the Colts.

Quote Chap himself:

The Indianapolis Colts have taken steps to retain running back Joseph Addai and safety Melvin Bullitt for 2011 by issuing each a one-year tender as a restricted free agent, according to each player's agent.

Addai and Bullitt are among 15 Colts who could be tendered as restricted free agents even though the current labor uncertainty makes it unclear how many years of service a player needs before he's no longer restricted.  Others who might be issued the one-year tenders include offensive tackle Charlie Johnson, linebacker Clint Session and defensive tackles Dan Muir and Antonio Johnson.

This is obviously good news for the Colts, assuming the labor machinations allow these players to be designated as restricted free agents and sign these tenders.  If he signed the proposed tender, certainly Addai would remain a Colt as realistically no other team would offer a first-round pick for his services, which would be required in compensation for signing him.  Bullitt, on the other hand, went undrafted, so he would have to be tendered at a certain level otherwise the Colts would have to match whatever was offered...and certainly you would think that Bullitt would receive an offer on the lowest possible tender, so the Colts will certainly be considering that when making their offer.

If, somehow, the Colts could retain the services of Addai, Bullit, C. Johnson, Session and A. Johnson on a restricted free agent basis for the 2011 season and potentially work out extensions with a select few members of that group, we could be looking at a very talented roster next season.  In that scenario, the Colts wouldn't really stand to lose many, if any, significant players and would be in a great position to gain talent through the draft to reinforce the roster.

Should this best-case scenario occur and the Colts find themselves with little (or no) turnover and reasonable health next year, there would be no excuse for not claiming a Lombardi with that lineup.  Yes, I mean that.